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Us & Them: 'You're Either a Hiller or a Creeker'

Trey Kay & Randy

In most schools, you’re likely to find yourself labeled as a jock, theater geek, stoner or even a loner.

But at my alma mater in West Virginia, we had a unique “Us & Them” sorting classification: you were either a “hiller” or a “creeker.”

On this week’s episode of the “Us & Them” podcast: the legacy of class division in Kanawha County, West Virginia, between the Hillers and Creekers.

We call it a union, or the United States, but our nation’s political divisions run deep, as they always have. And while the “Us & Them” podcast explores this political divide, it’s not all about politics. It’s about the deep social divides (or sortings) that lead to deep political divides.

This sorting can start early, and it reminds me of my school days…

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