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Us & Them: The Bond Buster Says ‘No’ to Public Schools

Paul Dorr at his trial at the Sioux County Courthouse for charges of fifth-degree criminal mischief after he burned public school library books. A judge found him guilty.
Nikki Tundel

Paying taxes is one of those things we just can’t avoid… except for the local tax measures we get to vote on. One of the best examples is school spending. When local school officials ask for additional money for new academic programs or school buildings, taxpayers must approve it. There’s one man who has worked with citizen’s groups in dozens of places to fight against more money for public schools. He’s been successful in many places and his efforts highlight the Us & Them in all of these communities.

For this episode, Trey speaks with APM Educate producer Alex Baumhardt about her time getting to know the “Bond Buster.”