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Two W.Va. Mayors Looking to Demolish Dilapidated Properties

Dilapidated House, Abandoned House

Officials in two northern West Virginia cities are looking to demolish dilapidated properties in their communities.

The State Journal reports New Cumberland Mayor Linda McNeil and Wellsburg Mayor Sue Simonetti are teaming up with their local development group to get rid of their towns’ eyesores.

McNeil and Simonetti say they chose dilapidated structures in high-visibility areas specifically to try to reshape public perceptions about their towns.

McNeil says two adjoining buildings on the city’s main thoroughfare will be replaced with a small park.

Simonetti says Wellsburg is in need of a facelift since the community is old and there are a lot of rundown properties.

She says they’ve targeted three buildings based on their high visibility and potential for redevelopment. One has already been razed.