Turn This Town Around to Help Two New Towns


Turn This Town Around 2015 voting is underway. The contest picks two towns in the state helps revitalize them through facilitated projects and planning.

Turn This Town Around is joint focus of the West Virginia Community Development Hub, West Virginia Focus and West Virginia Public Broadcasting. The goal is to help towns in the state turn things around and once again become vibrant communities.

After focusing on Grafton and Matewan in 2014, the groups have once again opened up voting to select two new towns for 2015.

Fourteen different towns have been selected for the voting round of the contest. They are split into two categories based on size, populations under 1,500 and 1,501 to 6,000.

The smaller population group this year includes:

  • Alderson
  • Davis
  • Hundred
  • New Cumberland
  • Pineville
  • Sistersville
  • Whitesville.

In the larger category is:

  • Charles Town
  • Hinton
  • Logan
  • Petersburg
  • Phillippi
  • Ripley
  • Weston

The winners will be announced in the January/February issue of WV Focus magazine.
Voting continues through Tuesday December 9th on West Virginia Focus’s website.