Training Begins for Syringe Exchange Program

syringe, needles

The Cabell-Huntington Health department played host to a two-day training session this week. Its goal: to help local health officials get acquainted with conducting a syringe exchange program. 

The first of two trainings conducted by the Harm Reduction Coalition of New York City focused on why a syringe exchange program is right for the Huntington area. The program will allow addicts to exchange their old syringes for new ones.  

Emma Roberts is with the Harm Reduction Coalition and was conducting the training. 

“I think what we’ve seen over the years is that only having one approach to tackling drug issues or a very limited number of approaches doesn’t work for a lot of people,” Roberts said.

The Cabell Huntington Health Department announced last month they would pilot the first needle exchange program for West Virginia. Scheduled to begin this fall, the county hopes it will start decreasing the number of individuals who contract hepatitis or HIV from the use of dirty needles.