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Thrillseekers to Participate in West Virginia's Bridge Day

Bridge Day

Thrillseekers from across the globe are converging on Fayetteville for the annual Bridge Day festival.

Saturday’s event is the one day a year that it’s legal to jump off the 876-foot high span across the New River Gorge.

Hundreds of BASE jumpers are registered to do just that. The acronym BASE stands for the places from which jumpers usually leap: buildings, antennae, spans and earth.

More than 80,000 people are expected to walk across the bridge. Rappellers also will make their way from a catwalk under the bridge to the water below, and some participants will make a controlled descent on a tethered cable from the catwalk.

The New River Gorge Bridge, the third-highest bridge in the United States, opened in 1977. Bridge Day started three years later.