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The Primary Election, Raw Milk And Child Nutrition, This West Virginia Week

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On this West Virginia Week, West Virginians went to the polls for primaries to decide some national and local issues. We’ll talk about the results of some of Tuesday’s elections and hear from some voters. 

We’ll dive into the soon-to-be legal raw milk trade. West Virginians will be able to purchase raw milk, as long as it is properly labeled. But that might come with a risk. 

We’ll also learn about a demonstration at West Virginia University (WVU) calling for the university to disclose investments in and ultimately divest from Israel over the war in Gaza, as well as child nutrition.

Finally, we hear about Gov. Jim Justice’s call for a much-anticipated special session of the state legislature this coming Sunday.

Chris Schulz is our host this week. Our theme music is by Matt Jackfert.

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