The History of Wild Turkeys, Hunter's Stew & More – Inside Appalachia


In this episode of Inside Appalachia, we’re taking a look at the myths and truths of the wild turkey. We’ll find out if turkeys really can fly. We’ll find out what wild turkeys can teach us about wild animals.

And we’ll visit with some turkey farmers in Virginia and eavesdrop on a conversation with reporters with The Allegheny Front during a Thanksgiving dinner as they discuss which holiday foods may be the most likely to be made with GMOs.

What’s your favorite turkey memory? Do you prefer just to eat them? Join the conversation on twitter and let us know how you remember Thanksgivings of the past and whether Turkey hunting or turkey farming are a part of your family’s story. Find us at @InAppalachia


We had help producing Inside Appalachia this week from The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and The Allegheny Front. Music in today’s show was provided by Andy Agnew Jr., Ben TownsendDinosaur Burps, and Anna and Elizabeth, Our What’s in a Name theme music is by Marteka and William with “Johnson Ridge Special” from their Album Songs of a Tradition. Our Appetite Appalachia theme music is by the Carolina Sunshine Trio