Talking Turkey, Inside Appalachia


In this episode of Inside Appalachia, we’re taking a look at the myths and truths of the wild turkey, thanks to the folks at the podcast With Good Reason. We’ll find out if turkeys really can fly, meet a man who became a “turkey mother,” and find out what color turkey went out of style.

We’ll also visit with some turkey farmers in Virginia and even eavesdrop on a conversation with reporters with The Allegheny Front during last year’s Thanksgiving dinner and more.

Year after year, Appalachians have ventured over mountains to make it back home for the holidays.

Inside Appalachia’s host, Jessica Lilly, closes this episode with these personal thoughts about this year’s Thanksgiving:

“Rather than just see the ridges and valleys as impassable (yeah, these roads can be treacherous, but it’s an afterthought). To me, it’s just the way home. It’s more than a holiday like Thanksgiving that brings us together, it’s satisfying our need or want to belong.”

“After this election, family events like Thanksgiving are even more awkward. But I still go. Coming together seems more important today, than in many years past. We are stronger together, when we reach across the lines to try and understand each other.

Sometimes that means crossing political party lines and sometimes it just means crossing the dinner table. Folks around my Thanksgiving dinner table have changed. It’s not the same as it used to be and that’s a little sad, a little scary, and leaves me a little nostalgic.

But I’m not just going to abandon my people because we disagree or it’s hard to understand each other. I’ll stick with my tribe, and venture across the mountain to make it back home.”

What’s in a Name Game

Do you know the town in Appalachia that got its name from one man’s obsession with a particular dessert?

Is it…

A) Pie, West Virginia

B) Fudge, North Carolina

C) Strudel, Pennsylvania

Listen to the show to find out.

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