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Virginia Tech Study Explores Lack Of Water Access In Appalachian Communities

It’s an old story in Appalachia: failing water systems leaving people afraid to drink from their taps. Now, Virginia Tech researchers are putting numbers behind the stories with a study of water inequality in McDowell County, West Virginia.

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More Than 300 Streams Missing From State's Polluted List, EPA Says

The EPA has identified 346 streams in West Virginia that don’t meet water quality standards under the Clean Water Act, totaling 1,600 miles.

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Family Recipes, Water Trouble And 'Peerless City,' Inside Appalachia

This week on Inside Appalachia, a Virginia Tech researcher challenges deeply held ideas about the purity of natural springs. Also, we meet the folks behind Angelo's Old World Italian Sausage. They still use a family recipe that’s been handed down from generation to generation for over a century. Customers love it.

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Scientist Discusses Drinking Water Contamination

PFAS, more commonly known as “forever chemicals," are manmade chemicals used in an array of industrial processes and consumer products, but linger in the environment and pose a risk to human health. Chris Schulz spoke with EWG Senior Scientist Tasha Stoiber about water contamination, its health risks, and possible solutions.

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