The ‘Toxic Stew’ Of School Discipline

In schools across the nation, when students of color misbehave, they are disciplined at twice the rate of white students. That means Black and brown students are more likely to face suspension or expulsion. West Virginia lawmakers worry students are not facing the right consequences for their misbehavior. A new state law is designed to make schools safer. In this episode, Us & Them host Trey Kay looks at new approaches to school discipline.

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Legislators Hear About Changes To State’s Sports Commission Rules

During their interim meeting at Marshall University Sunday, the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability heard about several changes to rules and regulations governing the Secondary School Activities Commission.

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W.Va. Supreme Court Suspends And Fines Circuit Court Judge

This week, the West Virginia’s Supreme Court of Appeals, in a 56 page document, ruled that a six month suspension, a censure and a $5,000 fine was more appropriate for Williams.

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