Hazard, Kentucky Quilters Reconnecting To Area's African American Traditions

Quiltmaking is an artform that has been passed down for generations throughout Appalachia. But a few years ago, local community activist Emily Jones Hudson noticed that quilting wasn’t as popular as it once was, particularly in Hazard’s Black community.

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The Rock Band Wednesday, Quilting And The Moonshine Messiah, Inside Appalachia

This week on Inside Appalachia, Karly Hartzman of Asheville indie rock band Wednesday, talks about songwriting, place and spending a lot of time with a band on tour. We also meet Emily Jones Hudson, who started a workshop to try and reinvigorate quilting in her community in Kentucky. Also, we check in with the Alabama Astronaut and learn about a uniquely Appalachian form of art – religious music heard only in snake-handling churches.

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Kentucky Quilting Workshop And Our Song Of The Week On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, quilts have been handed down for generations, but the tradition gets a little patchy in some places. In Hazard, Kentucky, Emily Jones Hudson noticed fewer quilters, especially among African Americans. So, she started a quilting workshop to help recapture some history.

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Western North Carolina Barn Quilts Represent Community, History

If you’ve ever driven in a rural area, you may have seen a wooden quilt block hanging on the side of a barn. There might just be a story behind that block.

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