91-Year-Old Restaurant Keeps Chugging Despite All The Changes In Downtown Roanoke

The Texas Tavern, a Roanoke institution, just celebrated its 91st birthday. The restaurant is known for its "two and a bowl with" — which translates to “two hamburgers and a bowl of chile beans with onions.” We learned the secret behind the restaurant's longevity.

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Friends And Family Remember Russell Yann, Iconic Owner Of Fairmont Hotdog Hotspot

If you live in West Virginia and care about food, you probably know about DiCarlo’s in Wheeling, where they serve pizzas topped with cold cheese. You’ve probably heard — or even been to — the big springtime ramp feed in Richwood. And you probably know that, when it comes to hotdogs joints, Yann’s Hotdogs in Fairmont is on a level all its own.

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Marmet’s Yellow Slaw Offers a Tasty Twist on the Standard West Virginia Hot Dog

Have you ever heard of the Marmet Slaw Dog? The secret recipe for the was thought to be lost, but in recent years, has been rediscovered.

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30-Mile Meal Creates Dog for Festival

As Huntington's Hot Dog Festival approaches, the members of 30-Mile Meal in the city are set to unveil their West Virginia Dog, a product they say perfect…

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