30-Mile Meal Creates Dog for Festival

WV Dog

As Huntington’s Hot Dog Festival approaches, the members of 30-Mile Meal in the city are set to unveil their West Virginia Dog, a product they say perfect symbolizes their work with the surrounding community. 

An all West Virginia produced hotdog, that’s the idea from 30-Mile Meal Huntington. The organization has created the West Virginia Dog from locally grown and produced products in an effort to illustrate the collaboration they want to see between themselves and the community. Each part of a traditional West Virginia hotdog is locally sourced, including the beef or pork in the dog itself, the wheat for the bun and the toppings: mustard, onions, slaw and chili.  

Thirty-Mile Meal used a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to raise enough money to pay local meat packing company S.S. Logan to produce 7,000 dogs. Lauren Kemp is with 30-Mile Meal Huntington. 

“We’re creating an everyday West Virginia traditional food that isn’t necessarily healthy, but is all local, when you buy our hotdog you’re supporting 12 different farms and food manufactures,” Kemp said.

The dogs will be available at the 11th annual West Virginia Hotdog Festival at Pullman Square in Huntington Saturday.