Hip-Hop Artists In Rural Virginia Help Each Other Make Music And Spread The Word About It

In the U.S., rap and hip-hop are usually associated with big cities like New York, L.A., and Atlanta. But hip-hop artists exist all over, including in rural areas. Our Inside Appalachia Folkways reporter Nicole Musgrave spoke with a group of hip-hop artists in the coalfields of Wise County, Virginia who are bringing more public attention to the music they’re making, while supporting other up and coming artists.

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Dapper Rappers Celebrate Homegrown Hip-Hop in Wheeling

West Virginia’s small but active hip-hop community is striving to normalize hip-hop as an art form. The YWCA in Wheeling recently held an event called Hip…

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Q&A: Photography, Hip Hop and Making Art in the Ohio Valley

In addition to musical artists, a recent Wheeling event — Hip Hop: A Black Tie Affair — featured visual artists such as photographer Rebecca Kiger. Kiger…

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