Us & Them: Our Foster Care Crisis

Across the nation, more than 390,000 children rely on foster care. However, a shortage of licensed foster homes is creating a national crisis. While official foster care cases are carefully tracked, many informal examples of kinship care aren’t part of the data. For this Us & Them episode, we hear the experiences of those who’ve been part of the foster care system.

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Grandfamilies of the Opioid Crisis

This Us & Them episode, which was recently honored with a 2021 National Edward R. Murrow award, examines: How can society support grandparents who are raising the children of their drug-addicted children?

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Us & Them: Grandfamilies and the Pandemic

Us & Them host Trey Kay speaks with West Virginian grandparents about the challenges of raising grandchildren during COVID-19. He also talks with Bonnie Dunn, director of West Virginian State University’s “Healthy Grandfamilies” program and Ana Beltran, co-director of National Center on Grandfamilies.

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