Government Shut Down

New River Gorge National Park To Close During Government Shutdown

Across the country thousands of park rangers will be furloughed, gates will be locked, and visitor centers will be closed at national park sites, if there is a government shut down, including all of West Virginia's national park and forest lands.

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Federal Government Shutdown Will Affect W.Va. Families, Seniors

The looming federal government shutdown will have a major effect on some of West Virginia’s most vulnerable: the very young and the elderly, when it comes to putting healthy food on the table.

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Possible Federal Shutdown Risks Dam Operations 

Brian Maka, public affairs officer at the Corps of Engineers, said the dam will maintain a small staff to ensure the safety of the dam. However, he says there will be some things the Corps will not be able to do. 

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Head Start W.Va. Worry Ahead Of Probable Government Shutdown

Hundreds of families in West Virginia could lose the support of Head Start if the government shuts down.

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