Civic Activism

Ohio County Public Library Unveils Project Highlighting Black History, Civic Empathy

The Ohio County Public Library is modernizing a historic speech from one of Wheeling’s most notable African American leaders as part of a larger project to boost civic empathy in the region. It’s an updated version of a speech heard on Wheeling airwaves in 1936, advocating for the town’s “Twentieth Man.”

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March 3, 1890: Teacher, Civic Activist Memphis Tennessee Carter Born

Teacher and civic activist Memphis Tennessee Carter was born in Hollins, Virginia, on March 3, 1890.Her father, a former slave, was a coal miner who moved…

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What's Next, Clay County?—Nonstop Journey to a Better Tomorrow

Early one morning this past January, two Clay County school busses pulled up at the state capitol complex in Charleston. Inside were members of the group…

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