African Americans

Descendant Revisits, Revives African American Cemetery

America has a history of segregating Black and white people — in restaurants, schools, buses… even in death. In Bluefield, Virginia, graves of Black residents who helped build the town were neglected for decades in its segregated cemetery. It might have stayed that way had it not been for the efforts of one persistent woman whose family was buried there.

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Black, Faith Leaders Bridge Cultural Gap To Bring More Vaccines To African American Communities

West Virginia’s vaccine rollout has been praised as one of the best in the nation. Now, a faith-based nonprofit, the Partnership of African American Churches, or PAAC, wants the state to also excel for distributing vaccines equitably to African American communities.

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May 6, 1812: Activist and Physician Martin Delany Born in Jefferson County

Activist and physician Martin Delanywas born a free African-American at Charles Town in Jefferson County on May 6, 1812. When Delany was 10, his family…

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Speaker Gives Insight into the Heart of the Black Community

The Block Historical District is a section of Charleston that was once the heart of the African American community. As part of a project to resurrect some…

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