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State Says Tax Collections Below Estimates

Cash Money

West Virginia tax authorities say the state collected $295.6 million in November and $1.53 billion for the first five months of the state’s current fiscal year, both lower than budget estimates.

The Department of Revenue reports the shortfalls are $4.1 million for the month and $91.5 million for the five-month period.

Lawmakers are warning about funding shortages for government services.

Following a 15 percent increase in October, personal income tax collections declined 9.7 percent in November from the same month last year, attributed to timing factors and not declines in wage incomes.

Consumer sales taxes, which declined 6.1 percent in October, rose 3 percent in November.

Severance tax collections from mining, drilling and timber cutting were $26.6 million for the month, nearly 22 percent below receipts a year earlier.