Joni Deutsch Published

So, What'd You Think of Our #WhyListen First Listen Music Party?


If you’re reading this right now, chances are you made it out to last Sunday’s #WhyListen First Listen Music Party at Shepherdstown’s Town Run Brewing with MiBurg. If you did, we have a new music playlist waiting for you.

But first things first: Thanks for coming out and talking music with meMountain Stage‘s Larry Groce and Rozwell Kid‘s Jordan Hudkins! Your support makes cool #wvpublic events like this happen.

If you walked away with a new favorite song and want to see more of these #WhyListen events around the state, become a member of West Virginia Public Broadcasting. A gift of $10 or more helps us keep these events free and helps promote new #WVmusic from acts like Christian Lopez, Carolyn Malachi, Tim Browning & the Widowmakers, and more.

Either way, we want to hear from you. What did we absolutely nail at Sunday’s #WhyListen? What could we have done better? Click here to give us your feedback.

While you’re giving us that feedback, kick back with our Shepherdstown #WhyListen new music playlist, including a handy-dandy Spotify playlist with most of the night’s music (where available). Happy listening!


1.       The Avett Brothers– Ain’t No Man

2.       Gordi– Nothing’s As it Seems

3.       The Paranoid Style– The Ambassador’s Moring Lift

4.       Barry Adamson– Up in the Air

5.       Drive-By Truckers– Surrender Under Protest

6.       of Montreal– It’s Different for Girls

7.       Venus and the Moon– Marry Me

8.       Dinosaur Jr.– Tiny

9.       Gringo Star– Get Closer 

10.     Jake Bugg– Love, Hope and Misery

11.     Angel Olsen– Shut Up Kiss Me

12.    Foy Vance– She Burns (Psst… catch Foy Vance in West Virginia on October 16!)

13.    Field Mouse– Never Would Have Known

14.    Carolyn Malachi– Blowing Smoke

15.    Oh Pep!– The Race (Psst… catch Oh Pep! in West Virginia on October 16!)

16.    Chris Staples– Dog Blowing a Clarinet

17.    Bishops– Hookup (Demo)

18.    Rodrigo Amarante– Tuyo

19.    St. Paul & the Broken Bones– Flow with It (You Got Me Feeling Like)

20.    Christian Lopez– Swim the River (Demo)

21.    Tim Browning & the Widowmakers– Gasoline