‘Omnibus’ Education Reform Bill is Dead, Or Is It?


Teachers and school workers were on strike in 54 of West Virginia’s 55 counties Tuesday. But shortly after 12:30 p.m., the controversial education bill, which drove them out of school, was postponed indefinitely by a motion in the House of Delegates. Host Suzanne Higgins and Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich discuss the action on the bill, and the leaders of the teachers and school service personnel unions join the show to discuss whether the bill could have another shot at passage.

Putman County was the only school district where administrators decided not to close their doors this morning. Reporter Randy Yohe took a drive to Winfield, West Virginia for this report.

President of the West Virginia Education Association Dale Lee, the President of the American Federation of Teachers, WV Chapter, Fred Albert, and the Executive Director of the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association, Joe White join us for a discussion on the day’s action and what could happen next.

Teacher and staff picket lines were stretched far across the state today, but as Randy Yohe reports, strikers in Kanawha County were making sure breakfast and lunch were still available for students.

Follow along with Senior Reporter Dave Mistich who will continue to update the day’s and evenings events on our website,