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Officials Offer Help in Relocating Honeybee Swarms

Bees, Honey, Honey Bees, Geezer Ridge Farm

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture is offering help for people who spot a swarm of honeybees.Bees, Honey, Honey Bees, Geezer Ridge Farm

Agriculture Commissioner Kent Leonhardt says bees are an important part of the growing season, and people who spot a swarm on their property are asked to call the agency so the insects can be relocated rather than eradicated.

Apiarist Wade Stiltner of the agency says honeybees swarm when they are forming a new colony. The department says warm spring weather delivered an abundance of blossoms early, a situation that may trigger swarming.

Anyone who sees a swarm can contact the department at (304) 558-2212. The agency has a list of beekeepers that will retrieve the swarm and find a new location for the bees.