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Nonprofit Tax Exemption Amendment Passes, Success for Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts

A West Virginia constitutional amendment will allow the Boy Scouts of America to rent out a property without losing its tax exemption.

Voters approved the West Virginia Nonprofit Youth Organization Tax Exemption Amendment on Tuesday.

The Boy Scouts sought to rent out facilities it owns at the Bechtel National Scout Reserve in Fayette County to raise money for its operations. The facilities would be used for concerts and sporting events.

Up until this year, the complex was used only for scouting events and a Boy Scout Jamboree that occurs every four years.

Without the amendment change, the Boy Scouts would have been on the hook for as much as $5 million in property taxes.

The amendment eliminates the potential tax burden. It passed with 62 percent voter approval. 

Opponents of the amendment feared it gave the Boy Scouts an unfair advantage over local businesses that do pay taxes.