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Labor Unions File Lawsuits Challenging Right-To-Work Law


Eleven state labor unions have filed petitions in Kanawha Circuit Court challenging the state’s new “right-to-work” law as an illegal taking of union property and resources.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that the lawsuit, filed Monday, contends that the Workplace Freedom Act is intended to discourage union membership by “enabling nonmembers of unions to get union services for free.” The legislation allows employees in union shops to opt out of paying union dues.

The lawsuit says one intent of the law is to discourage employees from joining unions.

Josh Sword, secretary of the West Virginia AFL-CIO, one of the plaintiffs, says the case will likely go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Steve Roberts, president of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, which strongly advocated for passage of right-to-work, says the lawsuit is “not unexpected.”