Jobs First Program Helps Huntington’s Homeless


Officials at the Cabell-Huntington Coalition for the Homeless are taking a new approach to the problem of homelessness and unemployment.

  Jobs First is a new idea developed by coalitions around the country. Instead of working with job candidates by training, developing and molding them before they apply for jobs, Jobs First helps them find jobs right away and continues to train them while they’re employed.

Helping the unemployed and homeless find work first puts them one step closer to a stable living environment where they can provide for themselves.

The Huntington Coalition started the program last July with a goal of helping 10% of Huntington’s homeless gain employment in a year.

The Coalition offers help ranging from:

  • Finding the proper clothing
  • Getting to and from the new job
  • Keeping that job.

So far the program has helped find jobs in:

  • Telemarketing
  • Fast food
  • Office work
  • River barges.

The program has placed 30 people in jobs and as word-of-mouth has grown throughout the homeless community the pace has picked up recently, with nine people finding jobs in January.