Ashton Marra Published

Jim Justice-Owned Bluestone Resources Recalling 200 Southern W.Va. Miners


Some 200 miners in southern West Virginia could be back to work by the end of the summer after an announcement Monday from Bluestone Resources.

The Jim Justice owned Bluestone Resources announced in a press release they are starting the recall process for Coal Mountain mine located in Wyoming County.

Bluestone spokesman Tom Lusk said the process to notify laid-off miners of open positions began this week and is on a “fast track” to be completed in the next few days. He predicted the mine will return to full production within a month.

Lusk said the recall process at the Red Foxx mine in McDowell County will begin as soon as the Coal Mountain project is completed. The sites are expected to employ a total 200 miners.

Justice bought Bluestone Resources from the Russian-based Mechel OAO in February after selling to the company in 2009 for $436 million.

Justice owns mines in multiple states and is working with the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration to pay more than $1.5 million in penalties in Kentucky.

In May, Justice announced he’d seek the Democratic nomination for governor.