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Huntington to Discuss Action Plan After Record-18th Homicide


  A West Virginia city that has surpassed its previous records for the number of homicide investigations has confirmed two additional killings.

The Herald-Dispatch quotes Huntington police Capt. Hank Dial as saying more officers are needed to address the surge of violent crime. Dial was among officials who spoke within 36 hours of the year’s 17th and 18th homicides during a news conference at city hall Tuesday afternoon.

Dial says officers have been working double shifts. Cabell County sheriff’s deputies and state police are helping with manpower and resources.

After the 16th homicide, Dial told the city council’s Public Safety Committee on Dec. 6 that some homicides could be traced to the often-violent drug trade.

Council Chairman Mark Bates announced a meeting to discuss action plans for Wednesday at 5 p.m.