Huntington Announces Wing Fling for October

Chicken Wings

In conjunction with the Big Sandy Superstore Arena, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams announced a new food festival Tuesday.


Credit Clark Davis / WV Public Broadcasting
WV Public Broadcasting

In an ongoing effort to promote Huntington, a new chicken wing festival was announced for October. The Wing Fling. will feature more than 20 local restaurants competing to see who can serve up the best chicken wings. There will also be a wing-eating contest. Huntington Mayor Steve Williams says it’s part of an effort to provide a new event each weekend to attract attention to downtown Huntington. 

The whole idea is let’s have fun, we started late spring and early summer and it’s gone through the summer and take it in to the fall and I expect that we’ll will find some interesting things for the winter too (seems like there’s a word missing in his quote). Huntington has become among several other things, a city of festivals. — Steve Williams

The Wing Fling will take place October 17th at the Civic Arena.