Liz McCormick Published

House Passes Voter ID Bill

Del. Patrick Lane

The House of Delegates passed a bill that would require West Virginians to show a form of identification at their polling place.
House Bill 4013, the voter ID bill, passed 64 to 34 Friday.

The bill requires West Virginia voters to show a photo ID or some kind of other official documentation to prove their identity before voting at the polls. A voter without proper documentation will be allowed to vote on a provisional ballot.

Supporters of the bill say it will help avoid voter fraud. Those opposed say it will keep people from the polls, bringing in another step to the voting process and possibly increase wait times.

On Thursday, Delegates adopted an amendment proposed by Democratic Delegate Mike Pushkin from Kanawha County. The amendment allows someone over the age of 70 to renew their license at the DMV with a religious family heirloom to show proof of birth.

House Bill 4013 now goes to the Senate for consideration.