Ashton Marra Published

House GOP: One More Day of Special Session


Lawmakers will spend one more day in a special session in part because of Republican members of the House.

Delegates returned for morning floor session Tuesday, passed all six bills forward from second to third reading and adjourned for the day, a move that was a little unexpected by both chamber leaders.

On Monday, Senate President Jeff Kessler said he expected the session to be completed by Tuesday, but House Speaker Tim Miley said after the floor session, the House didn’t have the votes to suspend legislative rules that require bills to be read on three separate days.

“The Minority Leader had a caucus just prior to the floor session and polled their members and they did not have the votes to suspend the rules,” Miley said.

The Speaker added having an additional day of interim meetings left in Charleston also contributed to their decision.

Governor Tomblin also amended the special session call Tuesday by adding one more bill for lawmakers to consider.

That bill would extend the length of time the City of Richwood can meet as a levying body. The city plans to put a general levy on their fall ballot to help supplement municipal costs.