Dave Mistich Published

Gov. Justice Announces Plan to Address Secondary Roads


Gov. Jim Justice has announced a plan to address deteriorating secondary roads in West Virginia.

Justice said it is unknown how much it will cost to address issues with secondary roads. However, he said he plans to hire hundreds of temporary highway workers, many of whom he hopes will become permanent. Additionally, the plan includes purchasing maintenance equipment.  

“We’ve got to change the mindset of what we’re doing,” Justice said. “We’ve got to get the stuff and then we gotta hire the people.”

The governor said about $240 million would be redirected from the general revenue surplus, some “pay-as-you-go” revenue otherwise set to be used to pay off future road bond debt and funds from the “Roads to Prosperity” program.

At Wednesday’s news conference, Justice also announced Byrd White will become the acting secretary of the state Transportation Department after the governor fired Tom Smith on Sunday.