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Feds Propose $214k in Safety Fines at West Virginia Sawmill

Occupational Safety & Health Administration, OSHA

Federal workplace safety officials are proposing $214,000 in fines against a West Virginia sawmill they cited just two years ago.

On Monday, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced fines for 27 violations against Wayne Lumber & Mulch Inc.

The agency cited the company for nine repeat violations from a March 2014 inspection. Some included lacking effective hazard communication training plans, having electrical hazards, lacking a conveyor or exhaust system to remove combustible sawdust, lacking procedures to prevent machines from accidentally starting up, allowing buildup of combustible material and failing to provide leg protection.

New violations include not reporting when an employee cut off a finger while sawing, failing to guard a chop saw, lacking handrails, not using hand and eye protection, and letting workers operate forklifts without seatbelts.