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Fayette County Sues State Board of Education Over Schools

Fayette County Courthouse

Fayette County Commission officials have filed a lawsuit against the state Board of Education and the state School Building Authority, accusing them of failing to fund a consolidation plan for the facilities of Fayette’s schools.

Local news outlets report that the lawsuit was filed by the Fayette County Commission, commission President Matt Wender and two parents of students at Fayette’s public school system.

The lawsuit accuses the agencies of not fulfilling their duties to fix the school’s failing facilities, which the commission says present a threat of physical harm to students.

Attorney Sam Petsonk says his clients are asking a judge to order the defendants to explain why agencies shouldn’t be forced to fund a school consolidation plan.

SBA Executive Director David Sneed said Wednesday the agency will continue working with the county to develop a plan to solve the issues.