Chris Schulz Published

Experts Teach Residents To Save Personal Treasures After Flooding

Severe Weather Appalachia_Kentucky_2_Stockpiles of Wood_Flooding

The response to the devastating floods in Eastern Kentucky last month is ongoing, and efforts are now underway to save and restore household treasures.

Survivors of the flooding can learn how to save disaster-damaged household treasures from Heritage Emergency National Task Force experts visiting three local Disaster Recovery Centers.

Among the heirlooms that might be saved are photos, artwork, quilts, important documents and other keepsakes.

The experts will discuss how to handle, dry and clean these items, as well as personal safety during the cleaning process, setting priorities and treatment options.

Co-sponsored by FEMA and the Smithsonian Institution, the Heritage Emergency National Task Force is a partnership of 60 national service organizations and federal agencies. They protect cultural heritage from the damaging effects of natural disasters and other emergencies.