Flood Damage

Remembering Floods And Recovering From Disaster, Inside Appalachia

This week on Inside Appalachia, flooding is a recurring problem across Appalachia. This week, we’re taking stock, and looking back on floods that have devastated parts of West Virginia and Kentucky. We explore some of the reasons for floods, as well as the aftermath and the slow recovery that often follows disaster. It’s not all gloom. Even in our hardest moments, there’s always hope.

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Landslides, Climate Change And Gardening By The Signs, Inside Appalachia

After last year’s flooding in Eastern Kentucky, some people had trouble getting insurance reimbursement. But it wasn’t just flood waters that destroyed homes. The rains also brought landslides. We also visit with scientists in North Carolina, who explain how the language we use can lead to misunderstandings about climate change. And, in Appalachia, farmers have long planted their gardens by celestial signs. Berea College professor Sarah Hall has a new book about how that knowledge is still in use today.

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Division Of Emergency Management Provides Update On FEMA Appeal

On Sunday the state Division of Emergency Management told members of the West Virginia Joint Legislative Committee on Flooding that it is gathering information to appeal a rejected disaster declaration request.

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Flood Disaster Declarations Approved After Summer Storms

The Federal Emergency Management Agency issued two disaster declarations to help clean up the mess in McDowell and Fayette counties based on the July 12 and 13 floods and the August 13 and 14 floods respectively.

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