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Ex-Delegate Sued Over Missing Campaign Finance Reports


Former Republican Delegate Suzette Raines is being fined $100 a day over four missing campaign finance reports.

A lawsuit filed by the West Virginia secretary of state’s office says the fines, which started Aug. 28, totaled $8,500 Nov. 20.

Raines told the Charleston Gazette-Mail that there was never any reason for her to file the four requested reports regarding the times she campaigned for office in 2012 and 2014.

Raines represented Kanawha County in the House of Delegates before withdrawing while running for reelection in August 2014, citing personal reasons.

Raines’ withdrawal came several weeks after the state Democratic Executive Committee filed a petition to remove her, saying she hadn’t filed financial disclosures with the state Ethics Commission. Raines says she never spent any money after her 2012 election.