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Dementia And The Holidays And WVU Project Includes Students In Acid Rain Research, This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, West Virginia University (WVU) scientists since 1989 have been studying the environmental effects of acid rain in the Fernow Experimental Forest in Tucker County. COVID-19 pandemic restrictions forced the long-term experiment to change in recent years, and researchers are now inviting local students to take part in the project’s next phase. Chris Schulz sat down with WVU biology professor Edward Brzostek to discuss the changes.

Also, in this show, the holidays can be a stressful time, but dementia can make that even more difficult. For his series, “Getting Into Their Reality: Caring For Aging Parents,” News Director Eric Douglas spoke with Teresa Morris, program director for the West Virginia chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, to get some ideas for families who are working to include someone with dementia into their celebrations.

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