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DEA Unveils Strategy in Charleston – Huntington Area


The United States Drug Enforcement Administration announced Wednesday that the Charleston to Huntington area is the next to be a part of a ground breaking initiative.Heroin

The program is called the 360 strategy. Its purpose is to help cities dealing with the heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic and the violent crimes that are associated with it. The new strategy focuses on integrating law enforcement, diversion control, education and prevention and community outreach.

The strategy uses a three-pronged approach to fight drug trafficking and abuse. First the DEA says they’ll work to change attitudes through community outreach by partnering with medical professionals and members of the education community to educate the public on the dangers of drug misuse and heroin abuse. Second, the organization will work to more clearly communicate with drug manufacturers, doctors and pharmacists to increase awareness of the drug issues in the area and facilitate responsible prescribing techniques.

And third, the DEA says they’ll provide leadership by targeting drug trafficking organizations and violent gangs supplying the drugs. Soon the DEA will host a forum to bring all the parties together.