Ashton Marra Published

6 Arrested in W.Va. ICE Raid


Six men in central West Virginia were arrested by federal immigration officers during a raid last week.

The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, conducted the raid at Los Agaves Mexican Restaurant in Dunbar Thursday, August 3. 

Six men, all of whom were employees of the restaurant, were taken into custody. A spokesperson for the federal agency says they will remain in custody pending removal proceedings.

ICE practices have recently come under fire after Attorney General Jeff Sessions called on local officials to cooperate with federal officers and help them find illegal immigrants in communities across the country.

The Trump administration has threatened to withhold federal grant dollars from cities and states that do not offer their support.

The city of Chicago filed a lawsuit over the grant funding earlier this week. Chicago is just one of many major U.S. cities that have refused to aid federal law enforcement in tracking down illegal immigrants.