Ashton Marra Published

WorkForce Still Working to Recalculate Prevailing Wage

Construction Labor

The prevailing wage in West Virginia expired on July 1 of this year after a political battle between lawmakers and the executive branch, but WorkForce West Virginia says they’re still working to recalculate the wage.

The prevailing wage is the hourly rate workers are paid on construction projects that are paid for with state dollars.

Lawmakers attempted to repeal the wage rate during the 2015 legislative session, but instead passed a law calling on WorkForce West Virginia and economic researchers from Marshall and West Virginia universities to recalculate it.

The method of recalculation was presented to lawmakers in June, but the Joint Committee on Government and Finance voted it down. As a result, the wage expired on July 1.

Workforce West Virginia researcher Jeff Green said Wednesday he is still working with Marshall and WVU to collect wage surveys they sent to local contractors to determine the actual wage rate in the state so they can re-file the prevailing wage.

“We have a soft date of trying to get the data collected by August 31 and hopefully to publish by September 30, but there technically right now isn’t a deadline,” he said.

Green said so far, the surveys have about a 42 percent response rate.