West Virginia Expands Prizes Of Lottery For Vaccinated

A volunteer received a shot of the experimental Moderna vaccine against COVID-19 in March as part of a safety study.

West Virginia’s vaccine lottery for those who received a coronavirus shot will include prizes ranging from hunting rifles to $1 million.

Republican Gov. Jim Justice announced more details about the program on Tuesday. The first winners will be announced on June 20, which also marks West Virginia’s birthday and Father’s Day. It is also the date on which the statewide mask mandate will be lifted.

Prizes on that day will include two four-year scholarships to any higher education institution in West Virginia for vaccinated residents aged 12 to 25. The state will also give away two Rocky Ridge version Ford F-150 trucks, 25 weekend getaway packages to state parks, five lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, five custom hunting rifles and five hunting shotguns. One person will also receive $1 million.

The weekly giveaways will last until August 4.

All West Virginia residents who have received at least one shot are eligible for the lottery.