USDA Funds Sent to Logan PSD


Residents served by the Logan County Public Service District are expected to see improvements to water systems. Funds announced Wednesday are expected to help improve the water quality and quantity for areas in two counties.

According to a release, the United States Department of Agriculture has announced approval for more than $3.2 million dollars for projects in Logan and Lincoln Counties. The release says the loan will amount to over $2-million while about $1-million will come from a grant. The federal dollars come from the Rural Development Funds to help complete the Big Harts Phase II extension upgrades.

The funds are meant to help more than 150 households that have water with health or sanitary risks in Big Harts Creek, Smokehouse Fork, White Oak Branch and surrounding areas. . The money is to be given to the Logan Public Service District  which monitors water services in areas of Logan, Lincoln and Wyoming Counties.

The release goes onto say that residents in the area have water that contains iron, corroded pipes and fixtures, and a strong sulfur odor and taste. Bacterial contamination is also a concern due to the number of unapproved sewage disposal systems in the area. Also, wells in the area are known to get low or go dry during certain times of the year.

No word on the expected completion dates for these projects or if the PSD intends on raising rates to repay the loan.