University Presidents Urge More Investment Into Higher Education


In a session dominated by an omnibus education bill that ultimately died, lawmakers know officially now that they’ll be back for a special session on education. We bring you the latest, and we also speak with the presidents of two state universities.

Senior Reporter Dave Mistich joins host Suzanne Higgins to discuss the latest legislative action:

  • Special Session on Education
  • SB 1 – “Last Dollar In” Community & Technical College Bill
  • HB 2010 – Foster Care to Managed Care
  • SB 4 – Municipal Home Rule Program
  • SB 318 – Transferring the Medicaid Fraud Unit to the Attorney General’s office
  • Latest on the Budget Bill – HB 2020

It was Recovery Awareness Day at the Capitol. West Virginia substance use disorder treatment and rehab groups gathered for educational purposes. Reporter Randy Yohe looked into what’s working best in addiction services, and what can be done when it all seems hopeless.

Twice this week, Sen. John Unger, D-Berkeley, has accused Senate leadership of launching a war on public education including higher education. He was referring to the Senate’s strike and insert amendment to HB 2020, the Budget Bill, which did not include $15 million in funding enhancements for higher education that were originally included in the House budget.

The Senate sent the amended bill back to the House on Wednesday where funding for higher education could still change before lawmakers reach an agreement.

Dr. Kendra Boggess, President of Concord University, and Dr. Mirta Martin, President of Fairmont State University join us to discuss their thoughts on the current budget situation for higher education.