Briana Heaney Published

University Board Of Governors Makes Way For Concealed Carry On Campus

A gun on a table with bullets next to it.
WVU opposed the law while it was being considered in the legislature.

Updated: April 16, 9:45 a.m.

West Virginia’s colleges and universities will be required by a new law to allow students to carry concealed deadly weapons on campus starting July 1. 

In March, Gov.  Jim Justice signed the Campus Self-Defense Act into law. It allows, with some exceptions, anyone with a permit to concealed carry on the campus of any public institution of higher education. 

On April 12, WVU’s Board of Governors approved a rule initiated by the law. Handheld guns like revolvers and pistols will be allowed on campus and must be concealed and carried by a person licensed to do so. 

Concealed Carry will still not be allowed at many places on campus including most university stadiums or arenas, daycares, some health care facilities, and anywhere on campus where possession of a firearm is prohibited by state law. 

For non-employees, handheld firearms will still be banned from dorms but will be allowed in common areas.

The law will take effect on July 1. A webinar is scheduled for Thursday to update students, faculty and staff on the implementation of this rule. 

Updated to reflect that it requires a concealed carry permit to carry on campus.