Travel guru offers tips and tricks for traveling like an insider


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Tired of feeling like a helpless traveler? In the new series The Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg, viewers will have access to hard-to-find information — from some of the best minds in the travel industry. Every week, Greenberg and a team of acclaimed experts — including editors from The Wall Street Journal and Travel Weekly — share the tools and information needed to take charge of every trip and deconstruct travel myths from the facts every traveler needs to know.

Greenberg, a multiple Emmy Award winner, reports on the potential fraud and financial truth of airline
frequent flyer programs, and shows how to redeem your miles for that coveted frequent flyer seat — even when the airlines say there are no seats available. You’ll learn how and when to book a hotel room, how to avoid nickel-and-diming fees, and how to navigate airport security lines no matter what the signs say. The series also advises travelers where not to go, raising a red flag on must-miss cities, highways, airports and more. The Travel Detective goes behind the scenes of cruise lines, rental car companies and trains around the world to reveal the good, bad and sometimes even the ugly sides of travel.

Episodes in November

Nov. 13 — “How Safe is Your Cruise? & Hidden Gems of Australia” — Cruise ship safety; Peter’s “Hidden Gems” of Australia; correspondent Alyssa Caverley takes a “One-Tank Trip” from Manhattan to New York’s Hudson Valley.

Nov. 20 — “Uncovering Phony Hotel Reviews & Hidden Gems of Valle de Bravo, Mexico” — Correspondent Tracy Gallagher exposes photo manipulation techniques used in hotel marketing; Peter’s “Hidden Gems” of Valle de Bravo, Mexico; Peter’s carry-on bag essentials.

Nov. 27 — “Child Safety on Planes & Hidden Gems of Panama” — Why child safety seats should be required on airplanes; Peter’s “Hidden Gems” of Panama; correspondent Tracy Gallagher shows some tricks for childproofing a hotel room.