Joni Deutsch Published

The Return of the WV Music Man


Huntington rocker Bud Carroll has a lot of stories to tell.

For instance, did you know the song that opened his eyes to music came from Vanilla Ice? Or that his teenage guitar-playing impressed blues queen Koko Taylor? 

How about that time he was drywalling in Ohio when he received a call from Interscope Records about joining a rock supergroup? Learn about Bud’s rocky (but still rock’n) music career and his new project with Nights & Weekends with ‘A Change of Tune.’

Bud Carroll just released a cassingle with Nights & Weekends through Twin Cousins Records. You can catch up with Nights & Weekends on Facebook and Twitter, and you can connect with Joni Deutsch on FacebookTwitter and Insta. Hear more tunes from Bud on ‘A Change of Tune,’ airing Saturdays at 10pm EST on West Virginia Public Broadcasting.