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Silkroad Ensemble Brings Eclectic Stylings To W.Va.

An adult woman with blond-brown hair looks off to the side as she poses for a professional photo. Behind her is a blurred image of her harp.
Harper, composer and producer Maeve Gilchrist.
Courtesy of Maeve Gilchrist Press Kit

The eclectic Silkroad Ensemble is bringing their talents to the stage in Morgantown, West Virginia this week. Founded by Yo-Yo Ma in 1998, the ensemble brings together music from many cultures to spark cultural collaboration for a more hopeful and inclusive world.

The Silkroad Ensemble will be bringing this creative energy and spirit with them in their upcoming performance called “Uplifted Voices” to Morgantown at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24 at the Lyell B. Clay Theatre at the Canady Creative Arts Center.

As Maeve Gilchrist, Celtic Harpist and composer, says, the Silkroad Ensemble “is an incredible collection of musicians from all over the world.” Gilchrist brings a Celtic influence to the ensemble as Celtic harpists run deep in her family.

Her piece, “Far Down Far,” she says, is a deconstruction and reconstruction of a Scotts-Irish reel, inspired by what you would find in Irish communities in America at the turn of the century. In her piece, she claims she writes out much of the notation but also allows for improvisation and input from the performers, giving way for more personal nuanced inflections during performance.

Find out more about Gilchrist, her compositions, the Silkroad Ensemble and their upcoming performance in this interview with WVPB’s Matt Jackfert.

Music clips featured in the interview:

  • “Far Down Far” by Maeve Gilchrist  
  • “Tamping Song” by Haruka Fujii

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A promotional poster featuring six musicians. The poster reads, "2024 Uplifted Voices Silkroad Ensemble with Special Guests Wu Man, Pura Fe, and Nathalie Joachim."
The Grammy Award-winning Silkroad Ensemble will visit Morgantown for a one-night performance on April 24, 2024.

Photo Credit: West Virginia University College of Creative Arts