The Legislature Today: Court Enters Decision in Supreme Court Candidate Challenge


A Kanwaha County Circuit Judge has ruled that West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Brent Benjamin should not be given state dollars to fund his re-election campaign.

The lawsuit was brought against Benjamin by Beth Walker, one of four challengers in the race. Benjamin was attempting to participate in the state’s public campaign financing program, a program that is only available to candidates running for Supreme Court seats, but this is the first time a candidate’s participation has been challenged.

Charleston attorney Anthony Majestro from the firm Powell & Majestro discusses the implication of the case.


A bill to remove the permitting requirements to carry a concealed weapon in the state is one step closer to becoming law after a vote in the House of Delegates to override Governor Tomblin’s veto. Senators are expected to join with a vote Saturday.

Delegates also begin deliberating a bill to increase some taxes and fees to fund roads.

One Winfield family is anxiously awaiting the House’s approval of a Senate bill impacting their home schooled son. Senators approved Senate Bill 105 last month, a bill that would allow home schooled students to play sports at public schools.