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The "Dissonant" Mozart


Salieri: I was staring through the cage of those meticulous ink strokes – at an absolute beauty.

I can’t say I’ve been on a Mozart kick, but some coincidences make me wonder.

The fabulous film, Amadeus, has been in my DVD player for a while. I marvel at the sheer virtuosity of its costumes, the sets, the magnificent acting of F. Murray Abraham who plays the burdened Salieri and of course, the storyline.

This film transformed my life in a single evening. Afterwards, one of my Peabody colleagues sneered, “It didn’t work,” but I was left bewildered. The point of the film wasn’t to be biographically or musically accurate (I.e. Mozart did not dictate his Requiem from his deathbed.), but it shows how envy can consume a person’s life and destroy their soul.

All that aside, today on Classical Music, we heard Mozart’s “Dissonant” string quartet. As some of you already know, classical nicknames are a pet peeve of mine, but at least the term “dissonant” has some relevance.


Credit Public Domain
Hmmm… these opening bars go way out there.

I found this really interesting lecture on this piece that I thought I’d share.

The link is here.